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29 years old
About Me

Hi everyone from Lagscans,

I am from Singapore and thanks to the bilingual education here, i can understand both chinese and english.

As a fan of history, especially China history, I was very interested in the story of Kingdom when i first watched it online. I went around trying to find  the manga online but no one seem to be interested to translate the manga. In the end, i found the Chinese translations online and  after reading it, i liked the manga even more.

I think it is a pity that the English-speaking world do not have the chance to read this awesome manga and therefore i am here, doing my best as a translator to translate the manga. Hope to get to know more about you guys/girls over here. :)

24 years old
About Me

my skype is: darkrais_princess it's probably easiest to contact me on XD; though im getting better at checking my email 4 times a day 

I can clean manga, typeset, have access to RAWs of a few seires that no one has taken yet actually. i do basic cleaning so no redrawing unless it's like super easy to redraw